‘European clubs don’t want him anymore!’ Is MLS the right league for Neymar? | ESPN FC

The Futbol Americas duo of Seb Salazar and Herculez Gomez discuss Neymar Jr’s potential move to MLS and what he could bring into the league.

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22 opiniones en “‘European clubs don’t want him anymore!’ Is MLS the right league for Neymar? | ESPN FC”

  1. MLS can't afford him, they spent all their lunch money on Messi. Plus Neymar doesn't have the work ethic that Messi does so it's more of a gamble.

  2. No one doubts Neymar's skills. It's the fact that he's far too injury prone to be paid those big wages. In fact, he has still played more games for Barcelona than he has for PSG. He's far too lax since coming to PSG

  3. The time for the MLS to go up a level at a global scale is now. with the Arrival of Messi and the gang, and the upcoming Copa America and World Cup. The MLS has to change it's restrictions and bring in as many stars as possible. if they do it right, they can finally have a respected league internationally and grow their marketshare enormously.

  4. Off topic, but MLS needs to change their name. Major League Soccer screams amateur and the past. They need a refresh. They should call it The American Premier League or something like that.

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