[FULL REACTION] Manchester City falls to Aston Villa 👀 'One heck of a EPL title race!' | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew reacts to Manchester City’s 1-0 loss to Aston Villa, making room for Villa to leapfrog them in the Premier League standings.

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32 opiniones en “[FULL REACTION] Manchester City falls to Aston Villa 👀 'One heck of a EPL title race!' | ESPN FC”

  1. Emery is proving just how great a manager he is. When he took over at Villa last season they were hovering above the relegation places, yet with largely the same group of players he secured European football and now has Villa sitting 3rd in the league.

    There are some pundits questioning whether Villa can keep this form up over a season and get a top 4 finish, but the reality is Villa's form this season is just a continuation of their form last season after Emery came in. They have now played 40 league games under Emery and picked up 81 points, that's basically a point more than 2 points per game and if a team averages 2 points a game over a full season they are most likely going to finish in the top 4. 2014 was the last season that 76 points wouldn't have secured a top 4 finish.

    Add to that the fact that a 5th place finish is likely to secure Champions League football under the new format and I'd have my money on Villa playing in the Champions League next season.

  2. Most analysts behave like they've dementia. Maybe they do. Man City has been here before. And we know what they can do in the second half of the season. Until then i personally won't predict.

  3. That match against Inter was a blueprint for how to play with Man City even at their top. Press their midfield players remain compact and take the game to them. If you sit back and let City play especially in midfield then you’re in trouble. Now their defence is much weaker it means taking risks against city gives you a big chance to win the match because they concede goals something many teams have shown against City this season

  4. I think Craig summed it up really for Villa, they do give you a bit of everything . Their work rate is up there. Douglas Luiz covers the pitch putting out fires, can pick a pass and can put in a shot here and there, McGinn as a captain leads by example, Watkins will chase anything u throw up the pitch which is what you need sometimes to drive a team back, then Bailey and Diaby fighting for that spot is pushing each player, Diaby seems a bit faster but Bailey seems to have a little bit more in the final 3rd, not 100% convinced with the defense but Martinez back there is an absolute wall. Im surprised they were able to hold on to him after the world cup as he said he wanted to be challenging for trophies.

  5. Nice to hear our praises being sung but we can win the league. Shocks happen all the time in football. Tweak the away form and we're on!! Why not? Leicester did it. When I placed my bet before the season started for Villa to win the Premiere League I got 150/1. Its now at 25/1. Speaks volumes.

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