North Macedonia 1-1 England | Three Lions End UEFA EURO 2024 Qualification Unbeaten | Highlights

England came from behind to draw 1-1 with North Macedonia in Skopje to end their UEFA EURO 2024 qualification unbeaten

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17 opiniones en “North Macedonia 1-1 England | Three Lions End UEFA EURO 2024 Qualification Unbeaten | Highlights”

  1. The greatest generation in British history. Coincidentally, the manager is Southate.

    Southgate This guy has the best striker in the world and the best midfielder in the world, so why does he play defensively? Why do you like Philips so much? Madison Bellingham Rice Don't you think this is for the best? Does anyone know this person's psychology? He plays defensively, but his defensive organization is still unstable and he does not have adequate defenders. Because of this, I always slip up in important rounds. The English Football Association is the biggest piece of trash that continues to hire this incompetent coach who has already failed twice in the last Euros and World Cup.

  2. Congrats to England, for having gone through this qualifications in a superior way. But I'm also proud of our lads, who never sat back, defending for 89 minutes, the way vast majority of the smaller teams are doing when they play against the best & strongest teams in the world! Our boys tried to play their game, to control the ball and the tempo, create chances each time they could've done that and try to score. Now, the fact that both Italy and England had such domination on the pitch is because they're amongst the Top 10 best teams, with some of the best footballers on the planet. So naturally, against either of these two teams, the game was mainly on our half of the pitch. But as I said, I'm proud because of the moments when our fellows tried to attack and create a chance every time they got the ball!
    And the best way to have seen that was against Ukraine, when the first match was a TOTAL DOMINATION of the Macedonian team, but with extremely poor 20 minutes when we lost the 2 goal advantage, and despite being even away against Ukraine, we were the ones with much better chances, but still… this is very young team 70+% of the players are under 24, this was a transitional period, and it was in a group with England, Italy, Ukraine & Malta. I know far stronger NTs who would've done even poorer against such powers!
    So, nothing to cry about, we'll be much stronger in the next qualifications! Again, congrats to England & Italy for making it to Germany the next summer!

  3. 隊伍有Rice, TAA兩個後腰,為什麼不給他們出球,反而交給Maguire,導致整場節奏非常卡且緩慢…球傳出去對方球員都準備好了….

  4. I'm nearly sure this is what will happen- England will lose in the quarters or semi final of the Euros, Southgate will lose his job. He'll be replaced by Graham Potter (a perfect puppet for the FA) and the loser cycle will continue.
    The only english manager fit to lead the team is Eddie Howe, otherwise go and get someone like Mourinho.

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