USMNT vs. Trinidad & Tobago | Highlights – November 16, 2023

The USMNT bested Trinidad & Tobago 3-0 in the Nations League play, which doubles as the first leg of 2024 Copa America Qualifying.

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44 opiniones en “USMNT vs. Trinidad & Tobago | Highlights – November 16, 2023”

  1. Not impressed with Tillman or Paredes. Poor decision making when it mattered and complete inability to finish properly on numerous occasions. They did not help our cause. Kudos to Carter-Vickers. Haven't seen him play a lot, but he was super solid. Would love to see Aaronson get a start. But Trinidad Tobago were no slouches. Very athletic.

  2. Gio needs to play in the middle for this team. You can figure out who's behind him, whether that's any 2 of Mckennie, Musah, or Adams, but Gio goes in the 10 spot. No one else can do what he's capable of.

  3. A disappointing result. The population of T & T is 1.5 million, same as Philadelphia. So, the USMNT defeated the Philadelphia All-Stars, at home, and with a man-advantage for most of the game. Think about the amount of $$$ that USA Soccer has invested in our program compared to T & T and this result is more than disappointing.

  4. Berhalter had a game plan. He kept the team believing until the final minutes. The plan created opportunities. The match facts are USMNT had 76% possession with 90% pass accuracy, and we outshot them 26:1 with a final, justified score of 3-0.

    Some people just want to complain for no reason. Compare the performance of the USMNT to Germany and Mexico from the past few days. I'll take a late W over a disappointing upset anyday.

  5. I am loving the speed we are getting on the team. Still need that final striker. I think the bench players help tremendously. I still dont think that Berhalter is the right guy for the job. We play very well against teams we can counter easily. But the good European teams and good CONCACAF teams we struggle. I think we need a better attacking and speed mindset. We have the youth, we just need to put it to use. Got to find a pure striker. We have 300 million people, there has to be one somewhere.

  6. T&T packed everyone in the box and tackled tough. It was their only hope and they knew it.
    Of course, the only constant in every USMNT game is that, to fans, everything is Berhalter's fault in the end. Even the good stuff, well, it's Berhalter's fault it wasn't better.

  7. Why is soccer in the US such a circus? Too many flags, drums and band music constantly. The MLS commentators often sound like the guys at a monster truck race. It's like the organizers are worried an American audience won't be entertained enough by the game itself.

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