Ratings EA FC 24 Got Wrong! ❌

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20 opiniones en “Ratings EA FC 24 Got Wrong! ❌”

  1. All these opinions are terrible 😭 Casemiro carried united he should be better than Rodri, Robertson should stay 86, stones 88 no one needs to comment on that you’ve committed a madness there, Lloris already got a huge downgrade 79 makes no sense, the only one that makes sense is Bowen at 81

  2. Saying Robbos performances have dropped the last couple of seasons where you really mean Liverpool had a bad year last season and Robbo was one of the more consistent performers… it’s not the Robbo should be lower but Davies should be higher at least an 84 could even be an 86 as well, Chilwell’s rating seems about right to me though

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