Is France RUBBISH for LOSING to Germany? 😳 | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew detail Germany’s 2-1 victory over France and discuss who may be the next head coach for Germany.


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44 opiniones en “Is France RUBBISH for LOSING to Germany? 😳 | ESPN FC”

  1. They played with new players in a new configuration (4-4-2), friendly game right before the beginning of the champions league, no Mbappé, missing penalty on Kuolo Muani but anyway, i’m honestly not too worried for France at this point

  2. Yes, a friendly between France and us is a 'must win.' We don't like to lose to each other. Still, this loss doesn't say much about France's quality and form. Both of us basically played with our B teams (France didn't use Mbappé or Giroud, and we didn't use Füllkrug, Musiala or Kimmich). France are a tournament team that will go far, regardless of how many friendlies they lose.
    The most important thing about our win is our mentality. It was absolutely screwed against Japan, but against France, we played as if it was a World Cup game. Need to see more of that.

  3. It's just like how Paris Saint Germain struggled to beat Bayern Munich in the Champions League, despite the French side had a big spendings than the German side!
    Even with the worst team, France couldn't even Germany if they didn't start Mbappe!

  4. Germany's backbone has always been a rock-solid defense and very flexible middle field. The World Cup 2014 was a perfect example for that (Brasil, Argentinia and especially France).
    Back then, the defense was consisting of Boateng, Lahm Schweinsteiger, Hummels an Neuer. They were experienced themselves and had experience playing with each other.
    Flicks philosophy was to overpower the opponent with overwhelming offense, which worked with Bayern. Germany did not have such a powerful one (yet). His philospohy may would have worked better with France, since they have likes such as Mbappe, Benzema, Griezmann and so on. The game against Japan showed that really well, that they were lacking there…
    Offense wins Games, Defense wins Tournaments…
    I'm not sure wheter Nagelsmann is a good pick. He's not bad but his philosophy is still similar to Flicks.

  5. Disagree with craig entirely, if someone gets these guys to click they could be great. Müller, Neuer/ Ter Stegen, Musiala, Kimmich, Henrichs, Gundogan, Sane, Gnabry, Goretzka, Wirtz, Gosens, Rüdiger, Fulkrug. Theres World Cup and many Champions League winners in that team. Thats a fine team capable of beating anyone provided they are molded into a unit. (just keep schlotterbeck, Can and werner as far away as possible, they´re useless) Remember theyll also be at home with home support. Get the right manager and theyll be good. Remember this is the most successful nation in Europe by some distance, their consistency at tournaments if unparalleled and they are only one world cup away from overtaking brazil as the worlds most successful international team of all time. They will come again, sooner or later.

  6. Lol no way…Im conflicted, not enough to hold my peace. Germany and France are on the up, yes France are on a better run, but Germany have been having Bayern und Wolfsburg. …teams which outperform their Frank neighbours, so I translate that to national success. By how her Hansie was sacked, is Gareth Southgate suppose to do his job

  7. They can’t give Völler the job full-time, despite his status. Any new manager needs to come in from outside the DFB setup. The organisation is stuck in the past and in dire need of new ideas and although they won today with Rudi Völler it’ll just be more of the same

  8. Nah, Germany is still Germany; they have great players in their team and decided to play some football for a change again. There is no shame in being beaten by Germany, who can play ball if they really want to.

  9. France lost 2-1 without either of their star strikers and this Soccer FC account is claiming their rubbish 🤣 note that the same fella calling France rubbish is also the person who came out with only good things to say about Macguire 💀💀💀

  10. These ESPN pundits are clearly biased ans know nothing about Germany 😂 they always hnderestimate German teams or the national team. Germany has one of the best , probably the besg squad in the world. With even a slifhtly decent coach they can CERTAINLY win the Euros. Germany has 3 euros and 4 world cups.

  11. Maybe you should consider the possibility that Germany and France are both just fine … and that the real problem is a perceptually biased [I wont use the r word] inability to accept that Japan has simply reached the level where they can beat European teams on a regular basis. The whole panic about Germany is just a silly overreaction to the shocking news that Asians are capable of playting football.

  12. Lol… France played like in a friendly game and left Mbappe on the bench. The Germans left Kimmich on the bench which has me think there was an agreement or so between the coaches. Who knows. Good thing is, Germany got to see Groß after Gündogans injury so we essentially managed to win against France without Kimmich, Gündogan and Goretzka which should be regarded as a very valuable insight!!
    France has much more skill and quality, we saw this yesterday. But after a looooong time, Germany showed the ability to adapt and 'find a way' through a match. It's a much needed basic skill. As for next coach: I think hasenhüttl would be the best fit.

  13. it was France B team, when does pavard start now on Rb for France? It’s Kounde he didn’t come on until 2nd half he’s the starter, tobido played his 1st Capp, hernandez was out, dembele came on late in the 2nd half, Coman is not the starter, Rabiott playing LW instead of CM, Saliba is not the starter upcampo didn’t play, kolo mauni is not the starter he most come on as a sub, it’s a friendly the manager checking the depth of his squad, euro is 10 months away. You think it’s a A team coz France pool of talents is so big. The Captain didn’t even play. They 5 for 5 wins in a tough group w Netherlands and ppl keep underestimating Greece but that’s the same way they won the euros 2004. We have bigger games ahead. Depth of a squad is important.

  14. Germany won the World Cup 4 times and have been in 8 finals + 13 times top 4 in 21 World Cups. Germany is the most consistent team in World Cup history and the French don't even come close to the history of success of the German National Team. Just face it. The Super power is back and will win the Euro 2024.

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