Luis Garcia thinks Lionel Messi to Barcelona is a REAL POSSIBILITY! | ESPN FC

On ESPN FC, Luis Garcia and Alejandro Moreno break down whether Lionel Messi will return to Barcelona this summer.
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45 opiniones en “Luis Garcia thinks Lionel Messi to Barcelona is a REAL POSSIBILITY! | ESPN FC”

  1. lol y’all change up real quick huh
    After throwing messi out of Barcelona removing his posters from the camp neu stadium
    He’s going to Saudi Arabia !!

  2. I don't think Leo would reject Barca's offer no matter how lower it is compared with Al Helal's offer. Barca needs Laliga's approval. Then THE GOAT will return to his home.

  3. People forget a younger better Messi played for a better barca a 4-5 seasons and didnt win the UCL ,
    He went to Paris and okay psg is psg and even with the barca team of 2011 they would find a way to eff it up ….
    But why wld Europe be an expectation for someone who hasnt done it in european competitions in a long time….
    Nostalgia cool
    Teach the yoing ones a thing or 2 yea
    But UCL 🙄

  4. HOW IS IT ON MESSI WHEN BARCELONA HAVE NOT PROPOSED ANY OFFER TO MESSI? This to make MESSI BAD if Barca don’t end up signing him or even being interested

  5. Barca most likely will drag this all the way to the end of the transfer window knowing that it's not possible… Hope Messi doesn't wait around for them and make a decision for him and his family.. the way he was let go from the club was unforgivable… The "saviour" Laporte lied to everyone including Messi inorder to get the club presidency. That club has to be the worst run major football club in Europe. Don't be fooled by Xavi and winning the Laliga. They only achieved it because of the aging squad of RM. RM will rightfully thrash them next season.. thats for 100% sure. Going back to Barcelona won't be a happy ending everyone thinks its going to be.

  6. ESPN knows that "rumors" of Messi going to Barca will bring them views that's why they're milking it. All that just for him to go to Saudi, watch 😂

  7. Feels like Barca have moved on and this is more of the fact that Barca want him back for the financial windfall they would get from shirt sales and other media platforms they own from him as a name.

    Hes also getting older no matter how good of a player he is, time will catch the man out in the end.

    However if he does go back good for him but if i was a Barca fan i would look to the future then the past.

  8. Luis Garcia said nothing substantial here. All he said was “I want to see Leo back in Barça” and “Xavi and Laporta keep talking about bringing him back”.

    Nothing else. No news. No offers. Just all talk.

  9. If Messi gives up 1.2 Billion to go and put the Barca shirt back on one last time, for absolutely no financial gain, he will be beyond GOAT status.

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