Could Julian Nagelsmann be the next PSG manager? 🤔 | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew reacts to links between manager Julian Nagelsmann and Paris Saint-Germain.

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28 opiniones en “Could Julian Nagelsmann be the next PSG manager? 🤔 | ESPN FC”

  1. At this Current Squad Nagelsmann is the worst decision. He has bad history of player management. Now IF PSG wwant to truely move on from this Buy & win Culture & want to rebuild PSG with patience then Nagelsmann is a good option.

  2. Brah julian might be most overhyped waiting to be the best thing to come dude aint done nothing like nothing … Is not like even in Leipzig he did anything that they not doing now i get the age thing but he finnesed his way to Bayern then won a league that all Bayern managers managed to do in last decade.. probs to his pr for making him be in a state saying no to teams like spurs wanting to be the only option to be selected to being linked with madrids of this world even psg 😂

  3. "He's averted the jungle at Chelsea, the miere at Tottenham. I wouldn't go near PSG." He has to work, Craig. Where do you want him to go? He's not going to get Real Madrid if/when it comes available. He was just at Bayern, he can't go back to a smaller club. PSG makes as much sense as any.

  4. The only coach that could manage PSG would be ancelotti or zidane or pep. Those three have the ability to talk to the superstars and get them to change. Anyone will fail.

  5. PSG is run like a Football Manager save file when the game randomly buys players and managers with no sense of harmony or cohesion. It's just throw the cash around see what sticks. They've even purchased two players before getting a manager. I mean what if their new manager doesn't fancy Asensio?

  6. PSG is just a terribly run club, for whatever reason the culture or whatever you want to call it just can’t be changed weather it’s a great coach or not. Team/culture has no heart for the game.. players just go to PSG for a paycheque expecting zero legitimate trophies lol.

  7. Ever since the PSG project started there's been no continuity or consistency when it comes to managers. Over the years PSG have had multiple managers. Carlo Ancelotti, Laurent Blanc, Unai Emery, Thomas Tuchel, Mauricio Pochettino, and now Christophe Galtier. The project has been going on for 10 years and they've had 6 different managers during that period and they've literally sacked so many and it's a problem when managers just come and then they go either get fired or they leave the club completely that's the lack of consistency they've had with managers with the project there hasn't been a manager who comes in and then just gets down with business and that plays a part in their lack of champions league success. They have to hire Julian Nagelsmann, I think he should be the right manager for this team, he's a young coach with a really good track record and he's gotten the best out of young players throughout his managerial career and what PSG needs is young talent and direction and hopefully this whole managerial merry go-round for PSG changes because 10 years 6 managers have come and yet they still haven't won the champions league and I don't know if he'll get them over the line in Europe but this is the start getting a great young manager in Julian Nagelsmann, if they hire him.

  8. Let PSG hire Julian Nagelsmann, I know the way Bayern Munich was unfair and unprofessional but let's not forget that Julian Nagelsmann is a great young manager and he showed it in his early days at Hoffenheim when they qualified for the champions league, at Leipzig that's when we got to witness how great of a manager he can be and he took that Leipzig team to a champions league semifinal and they were always in the top 3-4 in the Bundesliga every season giving this team champions league football and almost every top club wanted him. In the end Bayern Munich won the race for him and of course he gave them a Bundesliga title in his debut season and due to their inconsistent performances in the league this season he was sacked, for me he did an excellent job this season because despite all the problems Bayern Munich had they were in the hunt to win 3 trophies this season and when he was fired they had a perfect record in the champions league this season he's a good young coach and let's see if PSG hire him.

  9. Still doesn’t work
    PSG don’t give power to their managers so for me won’t work
    They already bought Ugarte n Asensio without a manager yet that tells you who calls the shots there

  10. these pundits are so ignorant. the problem at PSG has mostly been injuries and bad sporting decisions, trying to combine players that are not compatible (half of the team would be good for transition and half is slow possession barça style). Poch stated they were very pro, so did tuchel (tuchel's problem was he disagreed with the sporting director midfield choices)

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