Lionel Messi to SAUDI ARABIA?! Where to next for the football legend?! 🤔 | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew reacts to reports that Lionel Messi is to leave PSG at the end of the Ligue 1 season.

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46 opiniones en “Lionel Messi to SAUDI ARABIA?! Where to next for the football legend?! 🤔 | ESPN FC”

  1. Psg is to blame. They're like the ugly old man who wants beautiful young woman and gets her with money but no love. They force it. They spent so much money for players who didn't want to play because they rather play for better teams

  2. The discussion started at the wrong foot. PSG already let the players know that there won't be any trainings for couple days after the match with Lorient. However, once Messi was in the plane to Saudi Arabia, PSG organized the impromptu training and built the false claim to have Messi suspended. PSG is such a mess and they feel that they are in control, but they are not. Messi controls his own fate.

    PSG have been sour since the World Cup especially lol. PSG never deserved Messi – it's just such a too small of a mentality of the football club.

  3. Psg fans are just fools. And I know what is really affecting them. the loss to Argentina in the 2022 finals is still a thing they are still struggling to understand and that is the root of all this problem they are causing for themselves. I will be so happy to see Messi at Bercelona next season these shitty fans do not deserve him. Because he his Messi do you expect him to perform miracles all the time and come to think of it he has the most goal contributions and assists now. Not even Mbappe is close. I see lots of assists that Messi gives to his teammates. The problem they should deal with is the midfield and they should change their style of playing and use good formation. The midfields and Defence is too weak if they did not deal with this issues even if Messi leaves they will still be having problems. Another thing they need good coaches.

  4. Bs . You can use Messi . Barca this year have been very average in terms of goals scored . They won 11 games with 1-0 score . Is this team good enough offensively. There is no creativity in the middle apart from pedri. d

  5. The Mess should retire or come here to the MLS where nobody gives a F about soccer ( at least not Americans). Disrespectful , overrated dribbler.

  6. He's trash just do well against weak teams. I haven't seen any magical performance from him since he left Barcelona. The World Cup common we all know the story cuz Mbappe was the best player by far but favouritism gave him such accolades.

  7. The hole problem is because messi is Argentina and he’s really good at what he does so the hole spot light is always on him if he was born French or born in England know one who got a problem with him

  8. ESPN have "analysts" with pea sized brains. He "hasn't" helped PSG yet has the most goal contributions, progressive passes etc. And "Why would Xavi want him" hmmmm MAYBE BECAUSE HE SAID SO. These guys are just background noise nowadays.

  9. For me with Messi, I think he has done everything he could do at the club. He didn't leave under great circumstances,but I think we should be more interested in bringing back Neymar. I think he has a lot more to offer.

  10. How are you sure that, xavi does not want messi, are uou in his mind

    Psg, without messi has never wonn anything outside France, now they blame the messi

    Barca needs money, yet non of you can bail out barca and messi's image will generate massive income that the team playing out the round od 16 has not brought

    Espn, you guys are stereotyped

  11. It is unbelievable to me that these so called pundits think that Messi going to any team is a bad idea. Messi just won WC and was the player of the tournament. He missed the golden boots by one and he played every game. Look at his Psg stats, in fact just watch a PSG game, he is clearly the best player on the team. But these clowns think he will not add to Barca smh

  12. After listening these so called pundit I just want to laugh 😃.. who made them pundits? 😂😂 he is the creator and look the GA, he is the leader still, such a hater 🙄

  13. For Barcelona's sake I hope Messi doesn't go back to barca. Let Xavi build his project with new players. Messi at his age is not a good investment for barca

  14. It is not only Messi, they are targeting all foreigners in PSG. Fine, then – let them play among themselves. Get the Parisian scum off of our payroll as well.

  15. messi is still a top player…yes he isnt as outrageous as he was when he was young but still very good. he has contributed plenty to psg and anyone who actually watches will realize his taken a backseat there. Mentally he doesnt want to be there…his performances for argentina is way dif…he takes charge but in psg his just doing a job. barcas attack aint so hot and they need him ..especially when theres an older lewandowski

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