Will U.S. Soccer regret letting Brian McBride leave his role as USMNT General Manager? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Herculez Gomez joins Sebastian Salazar on Futbol Americas to discuss Brian McBride’s role with the USMNT and whether U.S. Soccer will regret letting him go.

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42 opiniones en “Will U.S. Soccer regret letting Brian McBride leave his role as USMNT General Manager? | ESPN FC”

  1. I think the whole Reyna thing was blown completely out of proportion by the media, and then in response US soccer PR handled it terribly. I don't see why McBride would have to go because any of this though… Ernie Stewart maybe, since he decided to do a public 'investigation' on Berhalter after a private conversation with Reyna's mother. Doesn't sound to me like she wanted that to happen. Either way McBride shouldn't be 'sacrificed'. I don't like it…

  2. Not sure if the U.S. fans and supporters know that the U.S. Soccer Federation recently was run by old-people that didn’t even know the sport, never even played it, that’s why it was a disaster 📉. These former 94’ USMNT players have been there regarding what needs to be on the pitch 🌾, but who is qualified to run the show? We want qualified people that knows the Sport ⚽️ and Business of Soccer/World Football inside and out! The question is, where to get them? Europe 🇪🇺 or in-house 🇺🇸? And the budget plays a factor as well.

  3. Herq, should I look into your past, contact all your friends to determine the skeletons in your closet. Anyone that would remove sponsorship based on a 30 year old incident that had no police report, legal proceedings, or finding of guilt in court should not be a sponsor at all.

  4. Perhaps it’s time to move 🔜 the US Soccer Federation’s ⚽️🇺🇸 Headquarters to New York 🗽! Bringing the headquarters to the nations media capital 📡 so it could attract more attention, and more qualified high profile people for the jobs.

  5. The 94’ Generation is the NEW generation that is now finally running the show 🎬, because no one else can do it properly. So over this BS blanket “cancel culture” when it’s NOT deserving!

  6. US Soccer Federation ⚽️🇺🇸 politics needs to stop 🛑! We need these guys from their generation to run the show, they know the game and they know what they’re doing. The USMNT it was going in the right upward trajectory 📈. Yet we still need to go to the next level!

  7. Perhaps it’s time to move 🔜 the US Soccer Federation’s ⚽️🇺🇸 Headquarters to New York 🗽! Bringing the headquarters to the nations media capital 📡 so it could attract more attention, and more qualified high profile people for the jobs.

  8. The more aware they make me of the management practices and activities the more I want the U.S. to fall flat on our face.

    Greg possibly should never have been hired, Gio definitely should have played.

    A lot of business practices are behind the U.S.'s massive improvements in soccer over the last 30 years, but we have lost perspective with the spirit of the game. We have become less competitive and more political more heartless and too sensitive.

    If Latin style soccer is like a mela battle field and European style is like a war machine then U.S. is like a transnational corporation. If you lie to the people, send them into battle and they win the war at least in the end the people feel like they won something but whith a corporation only the share holders and investor's win. I'm not buying into U.S. soccer right now!

  9. Wouldn't McBride have been involved in selecting Berhalter? Gregg was at best a second-rate coach, yet managed to stay on for four years due to nepotism. The Reyna issue is hype, and I suspect is just cover/excuse for one faction achieving dominance and cleaning house.

  10. On 1 hand, this just shows the level of dysfunction at USSF — letting go the person who is supposed to contract the Coach while that process is underway. It's 2017 all over again!
    On the other hand, USSF is so over-burdened with nepotism, there's no reason not to clean house.
    Don't pay attention to the people; focus on the process. Build an organization that is functional & effective so that quality individuals can contribute their best to make our national teams successful & youth programs develop world-class players.

  11. Stop putting former players in executive positions. Let professionals handle the day to day operations of the organization, let former players guide recruitment and development. US Soccer is a MESS. Embarrassing! Cindy OUT Earnie OUT Berhalter OUT. Clean everyone out at US Soccer, INCLUDING AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, Earnie Stewart and Cindy Parlowe. They have failed spectacularly. It's not even a question… They have utterly failed. We have the brightest group of stars ever, who displayed great talent in the field, made it to knockouts… This World Cup SHOULD have been a success feel-good story heading into 2026. instead we're dealing with former players who are still doing favors for each other because they're fearful for their jobs because they can't really do anything else. You don't make good decisions for the program while you're beholden to favors. They are extremely inexperienced boardroom professionals who have no business running US Soccer. Want proof? Look around.

  12. No. He kept berhalter there when he had no business being there. If it was 2000 the tactics mightve been ok, but God, how can the fans be the only ones to see to see how college-level coaching was applied at a freaking world cup.

  13. dosent matter who is appointed. the entire pipe line for Football in the U.S needs to be changed. Its treated more like a business rather than a sport and that's why the game itself cannot improve. Too many limitations on good players and teams and little to no incentive to stay and compete in the MLS. there isnt even relegation SMH

  14. To ESPN: on your app, when I click “Top Soccer” to get news in the futbol world…how come it’s tons of MLS and USWNT bs? THAT IS NOT TOP SOCCER. Stop with bad leagues and women’s soccer as “TOP SOCCER”. It should just be narrowed to the big 5 leagues and international. Why talk about Al Nasr or liga MX? Transfer news going to the big 5 is acceptable but seriously…TOP SOCCER. That term implies good and elite play, big teams and real competition. It implies stars and stuff. Just leave the lesser stuff in their own categories and whoever wants to look up the MLS they can. Whoever wants the big headlines for the big time stuff goes to TOP SOCCER.

  15. McBride was the person who, on paper, was supposed to lead the USMNT coaching search. While it is possible that this is tied to the Reyna investigation, I think it has more to do with CPC and Batson wanting more say in the search.

    The domino to watch is Kate Markgraf, McBride's peer for the USWNT. If she is let go (or promoted to TD of the USWNT), then it has nothing to do with the Reyna situation.

  16. The whole Reyna family is very annoying and I don’t want them to get their way. I actually see Berhalter in a more positive light now since they had a decent showing in the World Cup. I wouldn’t mind him staying now

  17. Being part Dutch, did Stewart ever consider hiring a giant (and real manager) like Hiddink, who led South Korea to the final four in that incredible run? He could do it again for US. Hiddink also has US ties from his playing days.

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