RANK THE GOALS from Arsenal vs. Manchester United 👀 | ESPN FC Extra Time

Welcome in to the latest Sunday edition of ESPN FC Extra Time.
0:00 Where was Shaka?
0:30 Arsenal’s fluid midfield
2:53 Start, bench or drop: Casemiro, Marcus Rashford or Thomas Partey?
4:00 Tie breakdowns!
6:30 Ranking the goals in Arsenal vs. Manchester United
8:20 Eddie Nketiah is Arsenal’s No. 1 striker?
9:30 Start, bench or drop goalkeeper edition & relegation picks
10:00 Time for Shaka to call his agent?!
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42 opiniones en “RANK THE GOALS from Arsenal vs. Manchester United 👀 | ESPN FC Extra Time”

  1. it shows that united still has homework to do – but on the flip side it also showed that united is not that far off – arsenal is currently in their momentum, while eriksen and bruno is not at the same wavelength yet. Malacia should've played and bully Nketiah/ Saka instead of Shaw. United was defending too deep – its too easy for Saka to get into the box – Shaw always going backwards instead of stopping Saka at the middle of the field

  2. It's astonishing to see how underated Ter Stegen is. Easily number 1 in the world right now. The least amount of goals conceded in Europe's top 5 leagues that too by a long margin. Simply disrespected.

  3. England's Manager must have to fix the front 4 by settling with Rashford on the left, Saka on the right, Kane in the center, and Foden as #10 🔥⚽🏆

  4. Anybody bench saka obviously not watching football ill have saka over both of those players. Saka form haven't drop since his missed the pen for England. Not because he younger ya'll ain't giving the kid the respect

  5. Erik ten Hag is a World class manager. Just give him more time to sign the kind of players he wants and build a compétitive team able to win trophies and titles for Manchester United Football

  6. Ten Hag should have removed Weighhorst and Eriksen and gotten Garnacho and Malacia on the field before 70 minutes and put Shaw on CB. He was too worried to concede and at the end tired and slow players didnt help. 1st time seen him stuck for so long without making swift moves to subtitute players with high energy

  7. Mahrez goes missing in almost every other gane, while Rashford goes missing for half a season. The worst you can get from Saka is couple of matches a season when he did not directly influence the match

  8. Saka is:

    Best RW currently in the premier league
    Best 21yr or under currently in the premier league
    Best English player currently in the premier league
    Best Arsenal player currently

  9. Rashford offering goals and that's it, Saka offers goals assists and is more dangerous running with the ball. Hard don't get me wrong but Saka all day long with rashford closely behind.

  10. Ten Hag should SHUT UP! he's just being flattered by the scoreline. Only Rashford's brilliance was the only positive from Man U's side. They weren't creating anything and didn't deserve a draw or a win. Losing was the fair result.

  11. Saka, Kane and Rashford is one of the most balanced front 3's in world football lmao, you have the creative ability and dribbling of Saka, Rashford's pace and directness and Kane's link up play which weirdly sync so well together, not to mention that all 3 of them are pretty amazing finishers who aren't completely selfish and averse to passing as well.

    They were all in or around their prime for this world cup, and that we've seen very very little of that specific front 3 at the world cup is probably Southgate's biggest crime lol.

    Kane/Rashford/Saka ahead of a midfield of Jude/RIce/Grealish or Mount of Foden is the way to go for England, Sterling and everyone else could be super subs.

  12. As a United fan I'd start Saka and bench Rashford. Rashy is in the form of his life scoring nearly every game but Saka is arguably the best right winger in the world atm.

  13. Recently, Saka was voted & awarded as England Best Player by those in the know.
    Saka is only underrated by those who do not know.

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