🚨 REPORTS 🚨 Lionel Messi NOT re-signing with PSG 😳 | Futbol Americas

Herculez Gomez and Sebastian Salazar are on Futbol Americas to react to Lionel Messi reportedly not re-signing with PSG.#ESPNFC #FutbolAmericas

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47 opiniones en “🚨 REPORTS 🚨 Lionel Messi NOT re-signing with PSG 😳 | Futbol Americas”

  1. Messi is like at that moment in a video game when you have maxed put everything and grinded all the missions.

  2. nope messi will probably not retire anytime soon when he is extremely close to beating ronaldo's total goals

  3. I like how these two Mamalukes think they know everything about Messi and what direction he should go in. All in all it's Messi's choice to make.

  4. Well if MLS will equal or better Ronaldo slaary he may go there…and Ksa Alhilal is awaiting too…however it is a strategic plan by KSA to bring Ronaldo first and Messie…its all for rpomoting world cup and KSA 2030 plan

  5. Messi needs to go to man city after this season, pep guardiola as manager, kdb haaland messi trio and Premier league and ucl football

  6. You know , the thing is that all these platforms can come up with any story that their listeners wanna hear until he re-signs that contract with PSG😂

  7. Premier league is a good challenge for him. Problem is we don’t know how hungry he is ! But anywhere he goes he will do great.

  8. He’s definitely going to Saudi Arabia .. that $400M/yr is too much to resist. Why else will he refuse to resign.

  9. Please come to the USA Messi. We don’t know the magic but we love this sport and we are friendly (I mean most of us).

  10. He will go to Man city! Conquer EPL and they will finally win champions league!! That will cement his status for those who point out that he only won in barcelona

  11. If it's a perfect world, I want Messi to keep playing forever, but at the same time, I want Messi to enjoy his wonderful life with his family as much as possible

  12. How tf do people expect Messi to return to Barcelona that don’t have the Money for him.😂😂 people acting like Barcelona suddenly don’t have a big debt anymore the main Reason Messi was cut loose in the first place.

  13. I know David became Wana get Messi so bad and he will succeed to get'em and he will pay Messi and make his money ten times back and that's smart.

  14. As low level as it is, the Saudi league has more skillful players and I rather see Messi there. Playing in the MLS would be like being in the third tier of English football.

  15. He already achieved everything. Time to make money. He should choose Saudi. That money he can use for the rest of his life.

  16. My goat don't make dummy moves and going to MLS is not the move for him right now if he should go then let that Saudi team buy him earn more than cr7 for 2 years become a billionaire then can branch off back to Barcelona knowing that's where he started and ends it there as retirement to play with Lewandowski as he wished

  17. I think he’s going back to Barça … it’s totally different story when it is Xavi rather than Koeman

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