Will Antony fulfill his potential at Manchester United? | ESPN FC Extra Time

On today’s edition of ESPN FC Extra Time, the crew discuss…

0:00 ESPN FC Extra Time
1:58 Will Antony fulfill his potential at Manchester United?
2:50 Best manager in the Premier League this season?
5:08 Is Leeds the unofficial team for all USA soccer fans?
6:33 Playing during a bad day
8:15 If Man City beats Arsenal in the FA Cup, can they win the league?
11:04 Why does Frank call the people he doesn’t like Mister?
12:15 Which MLS team will Kay start to support?

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26 opiniones en “Will Antony fulfill his potential at Manchester United? | ESPN FC Extra Time”

  1. Since day one I have been saying Eddie Howe would come good for Newcastle… but no… everyone said he did it for the money… who doesn’t work for money. Hypocrites.

  2. 11th to 3rd is a bigger deal than 5th to 1st. Eddie Howe should get Manager of the Season, even though I hate Newcastle.

  3. Antony a one-trick pony so far. Ten Hag knows this player. Bought him for what they hope he will develop into, not what he is now.

  4. ESPN should give CR7 more credit. Last year he won Bench D'Or for scoring 1 goal in 14 starts out of 23 matches played and it was a penalty and before that season he scored 24 goals against Norwich City and Brentford while stat padding and scoring 0 goals 0 assists against Man city or liverpool and won Garbage D'Or . Then blamed multiple coaches + teammates + ex teammates with Interview D'Or. Now won Rejection D'Or playing in ranked 70 farmers league for money while telling people he doesnt play for money.

  5. Have to give these players a year to adjust. Jack Grealish is finally starting to play well and get some assists. Not too many come from the Dutch league and hit the ground running

  6. honestly, Steve, as a defender, should've gone with Newcastle & Eddie Howe, considering they've only conceded 11 times till now!!! 👍

  7. Whats the official Vegas odds on tommorows Extra Time has a question from a Filip Filop? Gotta be very low

  8. Gotta be Howe, when Saudis bought Newcastle, everyone thought that it would be crazy football with buying hollywood players, but the best thing they did was to get a proper manager there, no fan favorite, no yes man, no ex-player, just a proper proper coach and they are reaping the rewards for it in no time, right players, right characters, right places … as far as Arteta goes, he is doing good but he got so much time too to be honest and Arsenal can afford that. He was a manager along with lampard at chelsea and ole at United and I used to think, “wow 3 new managers challenging the status quo ( of 3 exp ones in pep, klopp and mou)” but all 3 being new, ofcourse made mistakes, learnt but reactions of the fans and club were different … lampard was decent even with a transfer ban, but had to go … ole did some good things, but had to go … Arteta was not much different in results but stayed coz the demands are less there and they are reaping the benefits

  9. Why is manager of the season ALWAYS the first place manager? Eddie Howe has way less to work with and his achievements have been done in far less time, he has to be manager of the season.

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