Reaction to Liverpool’s draw vs. Brighton: Have they lost their identity? | ESPN FC

Dan Thomas, Luis Garcia, Shaka Hislop, Craig Burley and Jan Aage Fjortoft discuss Liverpool’s 3-3 draw against Brighton.

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45 opiniones en “Reaction to Liverpool’s draw vs. Brighton: Have they lost their identity? | ESPN FC”

  1. Liverpool’s problem is Klopp, I have always said it Klopp has favoritism issue, I will always play his favorites even when they re not performing, this is very bad as it makes some players feel untouchable there by they re relax even when they re performing poorly. This is why Pep will always be the better manager and why city re consist af, Pep doesn’t do favorites even if ur name is sterling, sane, or ibrahimovic, if u don’t do what is required u re out. Henry had a story of how he change wings (went against peps orders) he then scored but pep still subbed him off. Klopp needs to stop making decisions with his emotions and use his brain.

  2. To be fair klopp should never be in a position where he had to get rid of mane so they can give salah more money, he should be able to have kept mane buy nunez and a few more of the players that he needs

  3. Van Dijk is not the same player. We need to play 4-2-3-1 with Salah behind Nunez and Thiago in the 2 with Fabinho, but he won't do that.

  4. Liverpool's issues are down to them only 'at best' having around the 14th highest net spend in the PL during Klopp's tenure. If FSG don't start spending between £100m-£200m during each of the next few transfer windows, Liverpool are going to go back to being 'also-rans'.

  5. Wwll played Brighton should have won hands down as for Liverpool they have gone backwards and its sll down to the manager and owners they have recruited awfull players to buy class you have to spend big and not rely on kids there standards have been awfull teams have worked klopp out and it maybe time for both owners and klopp to depart if they lose the next 2 league games he has to go

  6. Drawn 4 games already not just to poor defending but poor finishing battered Palace but could not put chances away the same against Everton got to go back to basics only payed 7 games and one but drawing g to many get the basics right and there be okay

  7. They just figured Liverpool out, people used to be afraid of Trent coming forward and didn't realise he couldn't defend, now teams can just put pressure down the left and they'll score freely

  8. Our passing has been really sloppy across the park. Previously we were really good with the ball, and it was difficult for the teams to take it off us. Now with sloppy passing there are players in the pitch who are really not into the game and opposition teams take advantage of their loss in concentration – the important ones being Trent, Fabinho and VVD. that's why their positioning is so poor and are way off from where they should be. Fabinho's game has gone a level down. Like if we made errors, he would be the one who would clear the problem. With Thiago and all his abilities, he is not very quick, and once if he loses the ball or makes a wayward pass, he cannot track back which leaves one less player in the defense. Trent obviously is too reticent to track back. Everytime he makes an error, it seems his confidence goes further down and he keeps making more and more errors. We need a proper right back. Trent is not into defending and at the rate the criticisms are being targeted at him, he will lose his confidence and further bring down his extraordinary passing ability. He should take on the Henderson position. He is best suited to it, and at times I believe we do need an extra man in the opposition box or shots from just outside the box. Trent can do that. Klopp wants to make him the best RB but I dont think Trent is into it. Some changes are need to be made. Ramsay or Gomez should be starting RBs, someone who can run up and down the pitch doing the required job and not set their eyes just on the attacking part of it. Not trying to take away anything from Trent. He has been fantastic for Liverpool, but opposition teams have really found us out and specifically how the right side of our pitch is open which pushes VVD into centre and leaves him a lot to cover all by himself.

  9. With this spirit of Liverpool 4 in premier league will be hard to come back.Livepool spirit of play is going down into the drain…Liverpool have a lot to do to improve…if injuries are causing the team down.

  10. Van Dijk peaked when he lost the Ballon d'Or to Messi in 2019….He was never the same player after that award… It's not injury…he has been on the pitch like most.

    Trent gives more going forward than he does defensively…this has been consistent..just that LFC forwards are not firing like they use to…

    After all the quadruple noise last season… it's difficult to keep up…

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