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If you know a Simple Editable Templates well, are good at teaching, and feel that the topic needs a traffic or you have got the inside scoop on a story or topic that we cover ? we want to hear from you. Please let us know and contact quickly. We will respect your anonymity.

Here is whats needed:

An expert with deep knowledge of the subject, who is
Time and writing skills, or at least the time and will to acquire them

After we have had a chance to review your submission, we will send you feedback, both from us and from outside experts. As a rule, you can expect to revise your proposal several times during the discussions. Once we have a solid plan for the content, we can move to the terms of a publishing agreement and when a contract is signed, the writing begins!

Why write for us? Pride in web content publishing takes pride in web publishing the highest quality Simple Editable Templates content written by some of the brightest minds in the computer business. Successfully becoming a author demonstrates expertise and commitment to the community that sets you apart. To that end, we provide the authors of every conten a team of editors, reviewers, project managers, and others to help them write, control the quality, and manage the process. Additionally when you contributing for you benefit in these ways:

Three times in the development of the manuscript we do external reviews that provide technical feedback from outside experts and beginners, and we help authors identify valuable advice. marketing team begins promoting your content as soon as we release it and continues to do so well after your content is published.
We provide competitive royalties and advances.